Jörn Baasner

Technology Product Manager

Since 2018, Jörn Baasner is - in his role as Technology Product Manager - responsible for process...
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Dr. Robert Bauer

Chairman of the Executive Board

Dr. Bauer has been Chairman of the Executive Board of SICK AG and responsible for the Products and...
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Andreas Behrens

Head of Product Management

As the Manager of the Marketing & Sales Business Unit, Andreas Behrens and his team are responsible...
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Detlef Deuil

Head of Productmanagement / Vertical Integration Products

As the head of product management for Vertical Integration Products, Detlef Deuil is responsible at...
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Manuel Fischer

Strategic Industry Manager Mobile Machines

As Strategic Industry Manager Mobile Machines, Manuel Fischer is responsible for the Mobile...
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Volker Glöckle

Head of Industry Cluster Intralogistics

Volker Glöckle has been managing the Intralogistics unit of the Corporate Solution Center Logistics...
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Florian Greiter

Strategic Product Manager

Florian Greiter ist seit über 10 Jahren verantwortlich für das Produktmanagement des...

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Mohamed Hassoun

Technical Industry Manager

As an expert for the wood industry, Mohamed Hassoun consolidates customers’ technical demands and is...
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Sebastian Heidepriem

Head of Industrial Software

As Manager of the Industrial Software Department, Sebastian Heidepriem is one of the software...
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Thomas Hilpert

Product Manager

As a Product Manager, Thomas Hilpert leads the Vertical Integration Products Department: sensor...
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Alexander Hirt

Head of Business Unit Linear Encoders

Since 2016, Alexander Hirt has been in charge of the Business Unit "Linear Encoders". Together with...
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Ute Hofmann

Vice President Communication

As Manager of the Communication Department, Ute Hofmann is responsible for external and internal...
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Andreas Höll

Technical Industry Manager

Andreas Höll has been employed at SICK since 2001. Initially in the field of secure network...
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Thorsten Hufnagel

Head of LifeTime Services

Thorsten Hufnagel ist seit 2008 bei SICK verantwortlich für die LifeTime Services (LTS) im...

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Heiko Kahle

Head of Business Unit Light Beam Systems

Heiko Kahle has been leading the Light Beam Systems department since 2010. The qualified electrical...
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Peter Kamp

Head of Industrial Software

Peter Kamp has managed the Industrial Software unit in SICK’s Central Research & Development...
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Roland Karch

Strategic Industry Manager Airports

Roland Karch has been Strategic Industry Manager Airports at SICK since 2009. His tasks and...
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Michael Kaspar

Product Manager

Michael Kaspar has been the Product Manager for optical sensors at SICK since 2008. Whereby, he...
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Bernd Keunecke

Sales Manager Automotive Industry

Bernd Keunecke joined SICK Vertriebs GmbH on 1 November 2007 and has been Sales Manager Automotive...
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Martin Klingele

Head of Business Unit Distance & Ranging

Martin Klingele has been managing the Distance & Ranging Unit for nine years now and is an absolute...
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Heiko Krebs

Head of Business Unit Encoder

Heiko Krebs has been head of product management for encoders at SICK for about ten years now. Before...
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Jochen Krehl

Head of Industry Cluster Electronics & Solar

Before Jochen Krehl joined SICK he spent several years at a major international producer of...
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Caleb Langton

Product Manager Flow Metering Systems

Caleb Langton ist seit 2011 bei SICK im Bereich Flow Metering tätig. In seiner Rolle als...

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Dr. Michael Markus

Strategic Industry Manager Oil & Gas

Since 2016, Dr. Michael Markus is - in his role as Strategic Industry Manager - responsible for the...
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Timo Mennle

Strategic Product Manager AppSpace

Timo Mennle joined SICK as Strategic Product Manager for AppSpace in 2017. Prior to joining SICK,...
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Matthias Mezger

Manager Consumer Goods

As Manager of the Consumer Goods Department at SICK, Matthias Mezger focuses on sustainable...
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Frank Moritz

Technical Industry Manager Integration Solutions

As Technical Industry Manager in the Integration Solutions, Frank Moritz is mainly involved with...
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Christoph Müller

Senior Vice President Industrial Integration Space

Christoph Müller is responsible for Product Management and Marketing for the Global Business Center...
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Bernhard Müller

Management Board Industrie 4.0

He has been on the Management Board of SICK AG since 2009 and responsible for the topic Industry 4.0...
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Fanny Platbrood

Product Manager

Fanny Platbrood has been active at SICK as a Product Manager in Global Product Management for...
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Torsten Rapp

Head of Product Management Multidimensional Sensors

As Head of Product Management, Torsten Rapp leads the “Multidimensional Sensors” section of the...
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Dr. Claudia Schrodt

Product Manager Gas Analyzer

Since 2015 Dr. Claudia Schrodt is the responsible product manager for GM35 and GM700 in-situ gas...
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Wilhelm Schürmann

Head of Product Management Business Unit Photoelectric Sensors & Fibers

Wilhelm Schürmann has been in the sensor business for more than 30 years. Following global market...
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Jörg Spiegelhalter

Strategic Industry Manager

As Strategic Industry Manager Ports & Cranes, Jörg Spiegelhalter is responsible for the development...
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Thomas Stähler

Senior Vice President Factory Automation

Thomas Stähler has been in charge of the Global Industry Center Factory Automation since 2009. He is...
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Jörg Wenzel

Head of Product Marketing Services

Jörg Wenzel joined SICK in 2011. He has been working in various positions in the area of solutions...
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Sandra Wienbeck

Product Manager

As the Strategic Product Manager for multilayer scanners, Sandra Wienbeck has been active for SICK...
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Josef Zimmermann

Technical Industry Manager / Robotics

As Technical Industry Manager at SICK, Josef Zimmermann has been intensively involved in the topic...
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