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Keeping up? No, thinking ahead! We control the future with Sensor Intelligence.


SICK has been a technology leader in industrial automation for 70 years. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are rapidly changing automation. We are driving this development forward.

The SICK Sensor Blog is our logbook. It is where we document our path into the future and share our thoughts, innovations and successes with you. In short, our knowledge.

While industrial automation has up to now focused, in particular, on efficient cross-sector mass production, Industry 4.0 will enable the highly efficient manufacture of single units meeting individual customer requirements. In future Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0 will increasingly complement one another. The development of Industry 4.0 is built upon the knowledge that we have gained during 70 years of automation. The new data world and networked value-creation chains will, in turn, also drive automation technology forward.

Our sensor solutions are indispensable for both: industrial automation would be impossible without them. And Industry 4.0 would also not function without them. They are the interface between the virtual reality of the intelligent factory and the physical machine environment.

We take responsibility for the future – with our products, as well as with our expertise and our technical innovative power.

We use the SICK Sensor Blog to gather together the topics that move us. Presented by SICK’s employees and industry experts, who follow industrial digitalization with great interest and help shape it with their knowledge.

We invite you to join us on the journey into the industrial future – with the SICK Sensor Blog. 4ward step-by-step.